Pennington's Hardware & Screenprinting offers a variety of services to Madisonville's surrounding community. We offer a large selection of paint, fasteners, plumbing, electrical, and more. Check out our other services below!

Propane Exchange & Refilling

You always need to make sure your grill is ready with a full tank of propane for those backyard BBQs. We offer propane exchange and refilling at Pennington's Hardware so all our customers can grill all year-around!

Paint Matching/Mixing

Got a paint project you've been wanting to get underway? Pennington's Hardware offers the Pratt and Lambert brand and can color match any hue you want! For the quickest and most accurate paint color matching in your area.

Key Duplication

A second or third set of keys is great to have in case you have lost, broken or just worn out the original.

Sharpening Center

Our team is able to send off your knives, chains saw chains, and mower blades to be sharpened. We also have a service that can sharpen you scissors, circular saw blades, drill bits, hand saws, hair clippers, electric or battery powered hedge trimmers, hedge shears, bypass & anvil pruners, router bits, shaper cutters, and end mills & cutters.  A dull tool can be dangerous.  We don't want you using a dull blade, so come in and we will get your tools sharpened so you can get your project done as safely and quickly as possible.